What is an Internet Mailing List? Print E-mail

An Internet mailing list (or LISTSERV®) is a place where people can easily communicate back and forth about any particular topic related to the list's purpose.

A person who joins a list is called a subscriber. You may subscribe to any EEAC list which is open and whose membership requirements you satisfy. The mailing list is automatically managed by a computer. When an individual wants to send a message to the group, that individual sends a message to the mailing list email address. The computer looks at the list of subscribers and sends the message out to each of them. Everyone who is subscribed gets a copy of that message and any responses to it that are sent back to the mailing list.

There are two message delivery formats for all EEAC mailing lists, depending on how you like to read the messages that are sent. These are individual messages and digests. With individual messages, each message is forwarded to you as soon as it is received by the list processor. Digests are the collected version. To create digests, the computer stores messages, and then it sends you a daily digest (or when a certain size digest is reached) that includes all of the messages sent since the last digest.

EEAC lists may default to either individual messages or digests. There are benefits to each, and you may change the message delivery format for each of your EEAC list subscriptions any time you want. You may also put and remove a stop on messages for times, such as vacations, when you do not want messages coming to your mailbox.

Privacy is an important issue. EEAC protects the list of subscribers so that it is not available, and the names of our subscribers are not available with LISTSERV® commands. Please be aware, though, that your name and email address will be seen by other subscribers to the list whenever you post a message to the whole list. If you do not post messages, only the list administrators will have access to your name and email address, and that information will remain confidential. For a better understanding of your privacy rights, please read our Privacy Policy.

EEAC’s email lists are powered by LISTSERV® , L-Soft’s popular and award-winning Internet software product. LISTSERV® was the first product of its kind in 1986 and launched the email list communication industry .


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