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I was able to preview a charming new book recently. "When I Met You", subtitled "A Story of Russian Adoption". The author is Adrienne Ehlert Bashista, and illustrator is Christine Sykes.

First let me say that this book would be enjoyed by those who had adopted from other countries as well. It is a delightful book, with gorgeous illustrations. I am not exaggerating when I say that this book gave me goose bumps, as it evoked tender memories of the many hours I have spent in Russian orphanages and the many adoptions in which I have been involved.

"When I Met You" can be appreciated by a wide range of readers, though it is written in language simple enough that a young child can appreciate its message and it could be read alone by a child probably from 3rd grade and up.

In contrasting a child's life before and after adoption, it is respectful and insightful, explanatory and celebratory. Russian words sprinkled throughout the book add interest and are accurately transliterated into English. This book answers some questions an adopted child often has, whether voiced or not. I believe that by reading it to your child, you could honor any memories of his/her past, while also answering other questions pertaining to your child's circumstances, thus facilitating a conversation which may otherwise feel awkward to initiate. - Dellory Matthews

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